Denrele Edun Narrates How He Once Helped Burna Boy

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Do you know Denrele once helped Burna Boy? Well, he did!

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He said:

“I met Burna Boy in Port Harcourt sometime in 2007/2008 when I used to work with Soundcity music and lifestyle channel. We had one of those shows that was put together by the Rivers State government. Wyclef Jean, Joe and Brick & Lace were invited. I was backstage doing all the interviews and Burna Boy was supposed to perform, he was an up-and-coming artiste back then and I don’t think the organisers knew who he was. Burna was using his name back then, Damini.

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“Then the next person they were going to call was Brick & Lace and Joe. Timaya was also on standby and Burna really wanted to perform but the stage manager didn’t answer him. I told him (Burna) to give me his CD and quickly gave it to the DJ. However, the DJ also had his own artiste who he wanted to perform. So the moment Burna Boy was introduced, the DJ played the song of his own artiste. That one who had been waiting for the opportunity just ran on stage. Burna Boy was so angry. Later, Burna had about a minute to perform. He was grateful for that. It’s something he never forgets. Anytime he sees me he reminds me, saying he remembers. It’s been great growth for Burna, he has proved that he is a brand that is dynamic in delivery, exceptional in value, socially upgrading and a brand that is vocally appealing.”

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