Deleting Your Facebook Account? Here are 3 Things to do Before Doing So

Deleting your Facebook account is actually easier said than done, as some of its features have become indispensable in our daily lives since the dawn of time.

Having said that, even though some people are contemplating deleting their Facebook accounts, they continue to use it.

Delete Your Facebook Account

It’s not surprising given that Facebook is so many things.

According to CNET, it not only connects you with loved ones and family members, but it also allows you to interact with people who share your interests.

Not to mention that some people use social media to stay up to date on what is going on locally and even globally.

Despite these essential Facebook features, the massive platform is also home to some problematic issues that persist, such as misinformation and privacy concerns, to name a few.

Deleting Your Facebook Account? Here are 3 Things to do Before Doing so

3 Things You Should Do Before Deleting Your Facebook Account

Having said that, this guide is not just for those who have decided to end their relationship with Facebook. Instead, it caters to those who find it difficult to leave the social media platform.

With these factors in mind, some users may find a life without Facebook to be somewhat feasible.

Keep Your Facebook Friends’ Contact Information

According to Mashable, deleting Facebook also means that you are about to lose contact with some people who you only communicate with through the social media platform.

As a result, before you officially break up with Facebook, go through your Friends list and ask for an alternate way to contact them.

It should also help to notify some of your friends of your impending move. Some may believe you have disconnected from them by simply deleting your account.

Examine the Apps You Have Logged Into Facebook

Some of us have been known to be too lazy to fill out personal information when creating an account for a new app or game. So instead, we have been tempted to tap on the “Log in with Facebook” button to make life easier.

However, before you delete your Facebook account, make a list of the apps that rely on it.

Go to the Settings page and select “Apps and Websites.”

Download your Facebook information

Finally, it is unsurprising that Facebook has housed the majority of your memories over the years, such as photos, videos, and messages.

However, before bidding farewell to the social media giant, you may want to download all of your data.

Here’s how you can get your Facebook data:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • “Settings and Privacy” should be selected.
  • Tap “Your Facebook Information” after clicking “Settings.”
  • Then, choose “View” and then “Download Your Information.”

That’s the end of it. You are now prepared to delete your Facebook account.