Dear Nigerians, Your PVC is your power – Go get it

Go get PVC

Getting one’s PVC (Permanent Voters’ Card) is now a thing of pride. A confirmation that you are a good citizen who is invested in the betterment of the country.

The new wave of PVC-getting awareness both offline and online is amazing.

There are discussions about getting your PVC, voting for a better candidate, and letting old bones rest everywhere you go. People are encouraged to receive their PVC through concerts, grassroots efforts, religious houses, schools, and businesses.

One of the greatest fears of Nigerians, currently, is voting in the wrong person in 2023.

That is why individuals are making every effort to ensure that others are not only politically aware, but also actively involved in state matters.

Got get your PVC if you are yet to get it. Let’s come out en-masse and vote for a better Nigeria.

Yes out votes count.

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