Days after wedding, Celebrity fashion designer Toyin Lawani announces pregnancy

Toyin Lawani, a celebrity fashion designer and entrepreneur, on Friday announced that she’s pregnant.

This is coming barely a week after she got married to her husband, photographer, Segun Wealth.

Sharing side-by-side photos of her bare bump and a doctored one, Toyin told her followers that she would only let them know what she wants them to know.

She said, “Shout out to my amazing creative genius husband. Both pictures were taken 1st of March for my birthday. But he edited the bump to perfection to hide it, (be) cause I wasn’t ready to share my happiness with the world. If not for the wedding I still wouldn’t have shared it.

“We let you in on what we want you to see, if you like insinuate all you want, carry gist all you want, if I didn’t post it, I didn’t confirm it.

We kept this image for months till date. When I was ready to post, he retouched it with another format and made it heavenly. I control my private life, you should do too, social media is a marketplace for me. If it’s not about my money, I’m not interested.”

Meanwhile, in a previous post, Toyin had claimed that she was one of the most mocked parents around and that she could have six children with different fathers if it makes her happy.

She wrote, “I think I’m the most mocked parent out there, Guess what my crime is? having kids from separate men, well if doing that will keep giving me kids like #therealtiannah and #thereallordmaine I will make the mistake over and over and over again.

I don’t believe (be)cause you failed once or twice, you shouldn’t have the right to love again. Imagine if I listen to such nonsense you all have to say, will my kids be where they are today? Will they be making you happy? Cut that crap. See if I like I will have 6 kids from different men for different reasons, so far it makes me happy, if the next one mess up I will move on again.”

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