Davido Shows Off huge Jewelry Collection; Why Hip-Hop stars adorn Jewelry?

Grammy Award-winning Nigerian artist Davido is making headlines once again, this time for his opulent and extravagant jewelry collection. With an impressive net worth estimated at over $20 million, it comes as no surprise that the 28-year-old musician would indulge in luxurious accessories.

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During a Wednesday, January 3, 2024, exclusive interview with the esteemed British magazine British GQ, the Grammy nominee displayed an impressive array of high-end jewelry and discussed the personal meaning behind each piece.

Davido proudly presented two Rolexes, a Patex, his Timeless diamond piece, and a unique frog chain during the interview.

The ‘Unavailable’ artist disclosed that the Timeless Diamond Chain was crafted in honor of his Grammy-nominated album.

Discussing another meaningful piece, a chain featuring the image of a child, the artist expressed that it was created as a form of love and respect to his daughter.

Each jewelry item in Davido’s collection tells a unique story, reflecting his personal experiences, achievements, and the playful side of his personality.

It’s fascinating how Hip Hop stars love to adorn huge jewelry piece. A quick research shows that its a way to show how much they have. however, its not always the case as Jewelry can also be an investment. When an artist goes to get an outlandish-looking piece of jewelry made, sometimes it’s not just for show; it’s also in the hopes that it’ll generate value. Many factors contribute to this: the quality of the design, the designer’s reputation, the artist that owns it, and how much of it is available. These can all work towards growing the value of any piece of jewelry. This is true mostly with luxury watches.

This is why many hip-hop stars can drop a high amount of zeros on a limited-edition watch from high-end brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe to Hublot and Cartier. Drake once reportedly dropped $620,000 on a Jacob & Co. watch, while Beyoncé gifted Jay-Z a $5 million 18k white gold Hublot watch.

In the same way, you have Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co.TIF 0.0%, Cartier, and other top jewelry brands; there are also equally skilled jewelry designers who exist to satisfy the urban palette for what jewelry can be

Urban jewelry design is a well-established niche in the jewelry industry. Designers in this niche provide a service that many in the community desire and pay for. This relationship ensures transactions between both parties, consequently establishing a thriving industry.

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