Davido Called Out For ‘Disrespecting’ God By Daniel Regha

Nigerian artist David Adeleke, also known as Davido, has been called out for disrespecting God by the controversial Twitter critic, Daniel Regha, ahead of his upcoming new single, ‘Stand Strong’.


Davido announced the release of his new song earlier this week, which is extremely different from what he has been doing in the music industry for the past ten years.

The excerpt uploaded on Twitter shows Kanye West’s choir with gorgeous backup vocalists, with many people suggesting Davido might be nominated for a Grammy with the new song.

Davido has opted to do something different in an era when there is so much pressure in the music industry and he is constantly criticized for not being nominated for a Grammy.

However, Twitter critic Daniel Regha criticized Davido in a message on his page, claiming that using a choir band in his music is a smack in the face of the church, especially because he is not a gospel singer.

Daniel Regha said that Davido’s use of a choir, while he is a secular artist, was disrespectful to God and all practicing Christians.

He said:

“Davido, u featuring a choir band in ur song is a big slap on the face of that church cos u are a secular artiste; Kanye West was wrong to sample ur music in a church to begin with, that’s a disrespect to God & all practising Christians. U can’t play secular songs for God’s glory”.


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