Dark Side Of Social Media: How Fake lifestyle Is Affecting The 21st Century

The influence of social media in our daily live has more harm than good.

Youth of this 21st century has the urge to keep up with trend and end up doing things that they might regret.

A lot of fake lives on social media, people posing to have the perfect body and perfect live while in reality there is no perfect live or perfect body.

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In recent development where we find men and women battling identity issues due to the unrealistic beauty standards set by what they see on social media.

Just as most of us use social media to promote ourselves, tons of celebrities, influencers, models and brands, also use it to sell themselves by creating an image of perfection.

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It’s hard not to see a multitude of perfectly toned beauties, flat stomachs, plump breasts, impossibly long legs and perky, perfectly rounded butts.

Thousands of Instagram accounts promote images of perfectly sculpted men and women.

False representations and unrealistic standards

An Instagram model can post a picture of herself in a bikini, showing off her taut stomach, holding up a weight loss tea supplement. Her caption reveals that said supplement is the secret to her honed physique.

This alone, sends a very dangerous message to millions of her followers, the majority of whom are impressionable young women.

It is spreading the idea that supplements, diet pills and detox teas are the best way to achieve her body type, when in reality, it could not be further from the truth.

More often than not, their looks are a combination of gym, plastic surgery and a generous amount of retouching.

Her job is to look perfect and promote merchandise. This creates an unrealistic beauty standard for all of her followers who believe that this product is their ticket to a perfect body.

People should learn not to believe all they see on social media, don’t let fake live make you do something you will regret.

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