Danger of Relaxer to the hair

Despite the fact that more women are accepting their natural hair, a sizable portion still use relaxers on a daily basis.

It is a common misconception that if a relaxant is burning, it is working. In actuality, however, if a relaxant is burning, it is likely causing more harm than you can possibly imagine.

Through our skin, the dangerous chemicals in relaxers wreak havoc with our physical health.

What Relaxers are made of

Chemicals used in relaxers work against the natural chemical structure of curly hair. Lye, also known as sodium hydroxide, is the most dangerous component. Users are warned that “substances with high concentrations of lye can inflict chemical burns, lifelong harm or scarring, and blindness” by the soap manufacturer Certified Lye.

If swallowed, lye (sodium hydroxide) can be dangerous or even lethal.

Although certain relaxers, like Dark and Lovely, African Pride, and Optimum Care, do not contain lye in their ingredient list, other chemicals are still utilized that are dangerous.

Guanidine carbonate is an additional component. Guanidine carbonate should only be handled under a chemical fume hood, according to Chemicalbook.com. Additionally, succinic acid, a component of relaxers, must to be kept away from skin, clothing, and eyes. The website of the renewable chemical firm Bio-amber warns that succinic acid “may be dangerous if absorbed through skin.”

The fact that a relaxer comes into contact with the user’s scalp makes this warning shocking.

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