Dancer Kaffi Set to go into Music


Kaffy is the Nigerian queen of dance and she has been entertaining Nigerians with energetic yet seductive dance steps. But at a point in her career, the beautiful mother of two contemplated dumping dancing for music. She started at her dream but had to drop it because she thinks it won’t fly. Kafayat Shafau Ameh also known as Kaffy explained that: “Originally, I’m more of a dance person. My doing music was not an experiment rather; the industry was not developed enough for the kind of stuff I wanted to do. If I was to focus more on my artist side and I abandon the dance part, there would be a vacuum. I mean, today dance has achieved a high level of popularity. There is hardly any facet of the entertainment industry today that doesn’t feature dance. But professionally, dance in Nigeria hasn’t gotten to the part where it’ll begin to pay like music does. For example, dance alone can’t get you a house in Banana Island. For me, I would like to do music to interpret visuals. I’m not going to do music because I want to be a Beyoncé. I’d do music because I would like to wow you with the visual effect of the sound. We are already in an era of copyright apart from that, for how long would I dance to other people’s music? So you can say I wanted to create dance moves to my own music.”
Kaffy broke the world record in longest dance with a time of 52 hours and 3 minutes in 2006 with her team Imagneto at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon which put her name in the Guiness World Record. She is a dancer, choreographer and is married to Joseph Ameh an instrumentalist with Psquare. At the 3rd Love like a Movie, Ciara was in Lagos and Kaffy took her on how to dance reigning Nigerian dance steps.


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