Cryptocurrency Terms 2021 You Need to Know Before Venturing

Cryptocurrency has recently become extremely popular, and you’ve most likely heard about it everywhere. It was first released in 2009, but it has only been in the last two years that it has become widely publicized in the media and on the internet.

Terms Used in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Terms 2021 You Need to Know Before Venturing

Because cryptocurrency is a novel concept for many people, many are unaware of how it works or what the phrases used to describe it mean. According to Fox News, it is critical that you understand the fundamental words used in cryptocurrencies before you begin trading and mining.

Furthermore, understanding the fundamental terminology of bitcoin will help you avoid being duped. The top five bitcoin terminology you should be aware with are listed below.


Every bitcoin transaction must go through a rigorous process. The information is then verified and recorded on a virtual ledger known as the blockchain.

According to Time, whenever someone buys or sells something with bitcoin, an entry is automatically generated on the virtual ledger.

Consider blockchain to be a warehouse full of boxes. A box is inserted whenever a cryptocurrency transaction is done. Blockchains are completely decentralized.

This means it is not stored on a single machine or network. Instead, it exists on computers and is propagated globally due to the internet’s accessibility.


The phrase fiat refers to virtual money in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are not currently supported by governments or any of the standards that apply to regular cash.

Each token indicates the amount of money you have. According to CNBC, the value of the token is determined by the market value.


Altcoin refers to any digital money that is not Bitcoin. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies, with new ones being created on a regular basis.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether, and Solana have the largest market capitalizations. However, because cryptocurrency is evolving at such a rapid pace, the top five rankings are subject to change.


To buy cryptocurrency, you must first visit an exchange. Consider it a crypto intermediary, where an internet service allows you to exchange fiat for crypto or convert crypto into fiat.

If you’re used to traditional investing, a crypto exchange acts like a brokerage. You can also make a deposit via a bank transfer, a wire transfer, a debit card, or another regular deposit method. You can also anticipate to pay fees for the majority of transactions.


A cryptocurrency wallet, in its most basic form, is an app or a physical storage device that allows you to store and retrieve digital cash. Wallets can store many cryptocurrencies, so you are not limited to Bitcoin.

It is vital to understand that whether you use a real wallet or an app, the currency is not held there.

Cryptocurrency wallets, on the other hand, save the position of your currency on the blockchain.

Wallets are classified into two types: hot and cold. In the bitcoin realm, a hot wallet is one that is linked to the internet. A cold wallet, which is not linked to the internet, is the most safe way to store your cryptocurrency.


You may have heard of the term in relation to Bitcoin, which is generated by mining. Computers tackle complex math problems and, if successful, mingle coins.

The faster a computer can think, the more powerful it is. If your computer solves a problem quickly, you receive one unit of the cryptocurrency that you are mining.

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