Cross and Angel: The Modern day Adam & Eve

BBNaija cross and angel

Both of these fun-loving, free-spirited, carefree personalities have a lot in common. Big Brother Naija’s Angel and Cross may easily be mistaken for each other’s male and female counterparts.

Their true fun friendship was visible in the house; it had its ups and downs, and there were times when they both disregarded each other, but that’s precisely what friends do.

Let’s give them credit where it’s due: they exposed their genuine colors, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they weren’t ashamed to discuss their flaws or profound childhood struggles. They weren’t ideal housemates, but are there any humans who are?

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They also share similar ideals; one could say their motto is “enjoy life freely without being overly uptight.” For example, they don’t mind showing private areas of their body, which the rest of the world might deem incorrect, immoral, or embarrassing, because they see it as “norms.”

See how Angel exposes her boobs both inside and outside the house, and how the public reacts. Do we call them the N*ked Couple, Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, because Angel’s nude leaked when Kayode fixed the camera on her while she was wiping after peeing, and now Cross’s nude leaks?

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Can we all agree that all of Angel’s critique has been muddied?

Rewritten from Media Room Hub