Cool Trending Body Accessories For Ladies

The new kind of beauty trend is nose ring, waist beads, anklet and so on.

In the early 20’s all this where just wrong and made one look so irresponsible, but now it makes you look cool! The difinition of fashion and beauty has difinately evolved over the years.

1. Tattoo

Lets take tattoo for example in the early years its used to mark a slave while in some part of the world for prisoners but now these artworks are mostly for fun and others are special ink on their bodies to remind them of their loved ones.

2. Waist Beads

Waist Beads were for ladies of the night now it is nothing but a sexy sultry accessory, some guys even find it so attractive that they buy it for their girlfriends.


This used to be the tag of the lesbian but now its just an addendum to look more retro.

4. Nose Ring

This particular trend is just fasinating, Studs or hoops, which ever way goes, Who would have thought? Only the outlaws could wear them but not anymore.

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