Comedienne Princess alleges 10-year-old girl raped, killed in Lagos

Comedienne Princess has expressed her outrage over the alleged rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl in the Lagos state neighbourhood of Ayobo.

Comedienne Princess

In a Monday Instagram live session, Princess sounded the alarm, claiming that the young child had been ambushed by her attackers on Sunday.

She claimed that the girl, identified as Aisha, was “assaulted and raped to death” while she was travelling to church.

She said: “Please if you’re watching this, I need your help. Yesterday, a 10-year-old girl Aisha was raped to death in Ayobo. If you are in Ayobo, please can you help me go to Ayobo police station.”

“When you get to Ayobo police station, please DM me your number because the police are not allowing the her mum to see her. The police just said she couldn’t see her. That they’ve taken her to the mortuary. She’s almost losing her mind. I’m begging you. It could be anyone’s child. She was going to church yesterday. They raped her, killed her in the afternoon, and threw her into somebody’s compound.”

Princess, who was born Damilola Adekoya, has been in the news ever since her colleague Baba Ijesha was accused of sexual assault.

The Yoruba entertainer also described how Baba Ijesha was allegedly caught in her home defiling her 14-year-old foster child.

The actor was found guilty of sexual assault in July 2022 and received a 16-year prison term.

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