“Come marry me but I’m not a virgin” Isreal DMW shares DMs from ladies wooing him amidst marital crisis

Amidst the controversy surrounding the marital crisis with his estranged wife, Sheila Courage, Isreal DMW has rolled out the messages he has been receiving from ladies who are wooing him.

Taking to his Instagram story to share the messages he has received thus far, he disclosed that numerous women were eager to be in Sheila Courage’s position.

One of the messages he received from an anonymous fan reveals the female fan sending her condolence message to him following such a hard and sad time. She further asked him to marry her but admitted she wasn’t a virgin like his wife. She confessed her love for Israel.

In another message, a female fan named Joy advised him that what he needed during this tough time was to marry a mature woman, not the 22-year-old wife he had previously married.

Joy further mentioned that she believes he needs someone who understands his lifestyle and personality at the moment. She also shared that she’s from Delta State and would like to connect with him.

Another fan stated that not all girls from church are bad, considering he met his wife in a church. She advised him to pray to God to help him distinguish who is genuine and who isn’t.

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