Coconut oil! The “IT” Oil Why it’s so good for Babies!.


Hello my dear readers, Coconut oil is the It oil right now, and the good news is that there is no harm in getting your little one in on the amazing potential this oil has to offer. While we appreciate coconut oil as a beauty must-have, your child may also benefit from its antioxidant. Check out these wonderful uses for coconut oil on your baby. Just be sure to stick to an organic version.


Next time you have a lil massage time with your lil bundle, try using coconut oil instead of store-bought lotion or massage oil.


Coconut oil is just like olive oil, so soaking your babe’s cradle-cap-ridden head in coconut oil is considered a great au natural tropical treatment for getting rid of that pesky, scaliness without all those chemicals.


Several studies have deemed coconut oil useful in helping to reduce the symptoms of autism. This is because of the healing properties to the gut. (Yeast)


Run a little coconut oil on your tot’s diaper rash instead of diaper cream, and watch it disappear. Also, if your little one’s got a common case of candidacies (yeast infection) The oil could help with that, too!


Baby skin is far from perfect, but coconut oil can be used topically on your babe’s acne to help clear it up.


When used alone, or in conjunction with apple cider vinegar, many have warded off pesky lice by using coconut oil.


Put a few drops in your baby’s bath to instantly moisturize the skin.


Is your babe battling eczema? Instead of topical steroids or hydrocortisone, try coconut oil. The anti-inflammatory properties might just help calm down the rash.


As bugs start biting our kiddos, rub a little coconut oil on the bites to help relieve itchiness.


When used on dry and cracked nipples, many a breastfeeding mama’s swear by using coconut oil in place of lanolin.

By Teri Mendes


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