Chef Fregz pens lovely message to Lala Akindoju after son’s birth

Celebrity chef Gbubemi Fregene, popularly known as Chef Fregz, has penned a lovely message to his actress wife Lala Akindoju after she gave birth to their son.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Chef Fregz shared some adorable photos of his pregnant wife as he appreciated her for the love and patience she maintained from the time of their marriage to the points of pregnancy and childbirth.

See his words below:


I learned that in 10 months that the young woman I married in 2018 is low key in the Justice League. Wonderwoman at least.
if I ever thought you were strong, my rude awakening was 40 weeks long and it’s a miracle to be here.

You carried royalty in your belly with grace.
Through consistent tiredness, life as we know it, pandemic, pressured bladders and bewildering prologue to the end of gestation.

In the hours of waiting to exhale, it was breathing fine to something out of a Grey’s episode. Fear tried to lay its head but my queen, you were armed with your victory soundtrack of Tope Alabi and TY Bello plus armies of prayer chains, you looked fear in the eyes and said “I dare you to try me”

You were strong of mind
You were strong in mind.
You challenged me to just agree with you
You challenged my myopic mind to see we were designed for more
You challenged me so I could be strong when you naturally momentarily found comfort in the arms of fear

Your tenacity ran us the first mile. Your tenacity in the Father made us finish strong.

You’re finer than the rarest cognac blend
Golden caramel oak ripened rich you are
Your heart locked in faith and tongue and heart ceaselessly confessing life and light over everything
What an example Adeoreofe has.

My Thanksgiving still overflows.
You’re my crowned grace too.
You’ve helped me conceive and birth very key things too
You’ve helped me to help me be better.

Your reign will be felt.
Your influence will never be small
You will remain, my sponsor,
You drink of the fullness of heavens cellars of your life
You will run the motherhood race with incredible endurance.
You will behold perfection. Your mistakes will be few. Your wins will be consistently more.

Love you forever and a day and more.

See post and photos below:

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