Check Out 5 Times BBNaija Illebaye Had Clashes With Fellow Housemates

Judging by the performance of Big Brother Naija housemates in their previous season and by the diverse Twitter polls conducted at the beginning of the all-stars season, the three housemates that were thought would be the first housemates to leave the Big Brother house (SECOND AND THIRD WEEK EVICTEES) were Princess, Soma, and Illebaye. Considering the elephants with huge fan bases in the house, it was clearly evident that these three wouldn’t survive the heat of evictions.
Well, our predictions about Princess were correct, as she was even the first and only housemate to be evicted in the second week. For Soma, our prediction went a bit south, as he luckily escaped nominations in the first week after he was granted a pardon by housemates, but in the case of Illebaye, our guess went completely wrong. I mean, entirely wrong!

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Contrary to the inferiority complex-filled Ilebaye we thought we would be seeing in this house, we saw a mustering tiger ready to pour venom on anyone that crosses her path. Instead of the chilled Coca-Cola type of Ilebaye we ordered, what was delivered was an Agbojedi-Jedi mixed with Atarodo type of Ilebaye, which has been unequivocally serving undiluted Vawulence even to the fiercest housemates. From the look of things, the predestined Week 3 evictee Candidate is almost headed for the finals, as she has successfully endeared several badly behaved viewers (supporters) to herself and is currently one of the most talked about housemates this season.

In the first week, however, the re-insistent 22-year-old Gen-Z Baddie bit a bit more than she could chew by taking her Vawulence down to the doorstep of the very grand mistress, pioneer, and authentic patron of Controversy on the Big Brother Naija show, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C.
The fallout between the Junior and Senior Vawulence Comrades, which almost went physical, earned Ilebaye a double strike and Cee-C, a yet-to-be-disclosed punishment.

Aside from the double-strike squabble with Cee-C, here are four other times Tacha’s mentee has posed as a thorn in the flesh to fellow Big Brother Naija Housemates.


The Clash With Venita

Illebaye’s first altercation with a fellow housemate this season was with the sparkling Old Mama Youngie (As Phyna called her), Venita Akpofure. Venita, who is originally a Pepper Dem housemate and shared the same space with the controversial Titans Queen, Tacha, had noticed a similar Tacharistic trait in Ilebaye, which she immediately wanted to correct.

In a very condescending manner, Venita cautioned and asked the 22-year-old to check her utterances and attitude toward other housemates. The 36-year-old Venita, who referred to Ilebaye as “A toddler in a China shop,” further told her to use a ruler to measure who and what her size and level were in the house. Well, even before the Gen-Z baddie could give a deserving response, an emergency equal rights activist, Mercy Eke, came to her defense, reprimanded Venita, and chilled Ilebaye’s temper.

‘We are all equals in this house; if anybody do you, dem go collect,” Mercy said.

The Clash With Tolani Baj

Illebaye’s next altercation was with Lockdown season’s saucy boss queen and Tiwa Savage’s lookalike, Tolani Baj. The clash between the two happened on a fateful night while Ilebaye was having a fun time gisting with the hottest boy of the season, Neo Energy, on his bed, which was close to that of Tolani. In the course of the two lovebirds’ discussion, the “Man-less” Tolani Baj was provoked to great heights of jealousy, which made her furiously lash out at Neo and Ilebaye. Tolani immediately asked Ilebaye to leave Neo’s bed and the entire room at once, an order Ilebaye hesitantly obeyed.

Tolani, however, was later cautioned by Big Brother never to repeat such a demeaning and embarrassing act toward any housemate again.

The Clash With Angel

Illebaye’s next pepper spray journey this season was with fellow Gen-Zer and the Iron Lady of Season 6 of Big Brother Naija, Angel Smith. The altercation between the two baddies was over Ilebaye’s stubborn refusal to participate in a wager task overseen by the week’s Head of House, Kiddwaya, with the excuse that she was still eating. Well, Angel, who seems to have been avoiding Ilebaye since the beginning of the season, used that grand privilege to unleash her accumulated fury on the Kogi-born. After the altercation, Angel Smith was almost on the verge of voluntarily leaving the house for the sake of her mental health until other housemates intervened and stopped her.

The Clash With Cee-C

The grand fight that left us wondering how many hours of tutorials Ilebaye took from Tacha and how much of Kemi Olunloyo’s she read before returning to the all-stars house was the messy squabble with the Queen Mother of Gbas Gbos, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C. We can’t really say where the pipeline to the brook trespassed, but from what we saw after the recent Saturday night party, it seems the two Comrades had secret brawls with themselves.

Well, it seems Ilebaye’s youthful exuberance couldn’t let her keep this inner beef with Cee-C a secret. After the night party, Cee-C was calling on Big Brother Naija Big Boy, Kiddwaya, when the word “bitch” fell off the lips of Ilebaye.

Cynthia, the ever-ready Vawulence comrade, of course, unleashed her bitter side on the 22-year-old Gen-Z, insulting and calling her names like retard and mental case. The altercation got so messy that it even went to the extent of pulling wigs and jacking throats. A few hours before the live evictions on Sunday, Gen-Z baddie Ilebaye was issued a double strike and exempted from participating in the next day’s Head of House challenge. Cee-C was also exempted from the exercise.

The Clash With Beauty

Top on this list is the throwback season 8 quarrel with Disqualified housemate Beauty, which was caused by Ilebaye’s refusal to let a sleeping dog lie. After one of the usual controversy-filled Saturday night parties, the completely drunk and enraged jealous lover, Beauty Tukura, was venting her anger over her boyfriend, Groovy’s, disrespectful act of dancing with another female housemate, Chomzy, at the party.

And while other housemates were silent in solidarity with the neglected girlfriend, Ilebaye, who couldn’t understand why Beauty was lamenting over spilled egg yolk, cautioned her and asked her to stop disturbing the peace of other housemates over her philandering love interest, Groovy.

Ilebaye’s insensitive comments, which further aggravated the heartbroken and very enraged Beauty, led to a messy fight, which earned Beauty Tukura a strike.



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