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Celebrity Events planner Funke Bucknor Obruthe of Zapphaire events and author of the book ‘The Bridal Handbook’ is known for her events planning skills and has organised several celebrity weddings to events and parties of notable people across the Nation. Today she chats with us on how her average day is, how she balances work and personal life and her philosophy on life in general.

  • How do you usually start your day?

My day starts at 5am (everyday). After my morning prayers, I cater to my children and the rest of my family then move on to planning to whole day’s activities based on the schedule I have at hand.


  • Do you have a daily Routine?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It all depends on the work load at hand. But most times after planning my day’s activities, I set off to work.


  • How do you balance Work with Personal life?

The balancing act is not easy as you have to juggle both; and they are both equally important. The key is to prioritise and get the right kind of support at home and at work.


  • Does your job influence your lifestyle choice?

Well not really. I know and understand how to set boundaries between them.


  • How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very simple. It is classic but not too structured. I follow trends but I try not to be a slave to them.


  • What your theory on looking & feeling good?

Looking and feeling good starts from the mind. You need to get rid of unnecessary baggage and ensure you are happy. Life is hard enough as it is so I try not to let issues get me down; and knowing that my hope is built on Christ helps and sustains me a lot.


  • Any particular eating habits that you’re religious to?

I love coke/chapman and indomie noodles. Been trying to cut down on that for a while now and I’m succeeding.


  • Are you an exercise junkie? If not, how do you keep fit?

I am not an exercise junkie but I do try to go to the gym and exercise. I also go for dance classes and the no of times I walk around at events is enough exercise sometimes.


  • What’s your beauty regime?

My beauty regime is very simple. Just wash my face in the morning with the soap and lather with serum/or lotion. I’m not really into beauty products.


  • What do you think sets you apart from anyone else in your industry?

To be successful ‎in this industry I would say the passion and the attention to details and high level of customer service is of utmost importance. And I’ll say our coy zapphaire events portray that totally.


  • What’s your Philosophy on Life?

Follow your dreams/passion. Challenges will come but how you deal with them and rise above it is what makes the difference.

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By Rhoda Ebun


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