Chat with Bunmi George of Emisara accessories

Accessory designer, Bunmi George of Emisara accessories whose accessory line has become a favorite amongst Nigerian celebrities such as Waje and Omowunmi chats with us on her growing brand and what inspires her to create accessories

What does and Fashion and style mean to you?

To me fashion/style is an instant way of saying ‘who I am’, ‘how I feel” and how I view the world around me. It’s my personal culture, an expression of my identity. Therefore my clothing and accessories are artifacts of this identity and culture.

-How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is clean and timeless. I’m not a trend follower as such; I just take inspiration from my surroundings. I invest in pieces I can use for a long time.

– Any Beauty and fitness regime you’ll like to share?

When it comes to beauty, I like to keep everything minimal as I believe overtime makeup tends to make you age faster. I’m not big on exercises either, so I watch what I eat and I make sure I eat healthy and balance out on the important vitamins.

– Give us a brief intro about you brand?

Emisara is a distinctive accessory line that provides a wide range of statement pieces for every type of woman.

– Why did you choose accessories as your focus?

I think it’s my personal love for sparkle, shine and a little something extra ordinary that made me dabble into accessories. I love the magic that happens when you add a simple accessory to a regular outfit.

– What’s your brand aesthetic?

Statement and Style.

– Who is your target market?

We have 2 lines, the first is Emisara, and our target market here is a woman who loves drama, and wants to make a statement in a unique way.

The second is Eve by Emisara, which is for the urban, chic woman who loves trendy accessories with an edge.


– What inspires or influences your collection?

Everything! I can be inspired by nature, music, cartoons, history, art, and the list goes on. Sometimes I can have a eureka moment when something fresh pops into my mind , a concept an idea and it builds up into pieces that make up a collection.

– Do you have any ‘Seller piece’ i.e the most requested item in your collection?

A couple! Pieces from our tassle collection (bags, and long neckpieces) are always a sell out! Our cocktail rings go off the shelves pretty fast too!

– As an accessory designer, what’s that one accessory you can’t do without?

My cocktail rings! I won’t go anywhere without them.

– Final word for up and coming brands.

Greatness is on the inside of you, all you get outside are the tools to work-out your greatness so follow your heart and stay true to yourself.

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