Charley Boy: Men experience menopause too

Charly Boy has attempted to enlighten men on how they also experience menopause, believed to be specific to women.

Speaking to married men above the age of 40, he exposed what men do which, according to him, are symptomatic of menopause.

He wrote in a post on his Instagram wall that: “Some men right now are experiencing symptoms that include fatigue, serious mood swings, depression.

“ Also sexual problems; like not being as desirous of your spouse sexually as you have been in the past.

“ Take note of things you didn’t use to notice in the past in your house hold.

“ Like being irritable and short fused or the feeling of being alone even when you’re surrounded by family.”

Charly boy argued that from the aforementioned symptoms, an increasing amount of evidence points to an aging-related hormonal change in men that corresponds to the hormonal change in women known as menopause.

The ace entertainer went on to state that: “When a woman is moody, it’s hormones. When a man is moody, it’s work related stress, money problems, or just one of those days, right?

“The same way women’s estrogen levels drop after a certain age,

“ Men’s testosterone levels decrease with age, according to research


“ Testosterone decreases very gradually, in the area of 1 percent per year starting around age 35.”

The ‘Area Fada’ further advised wives on how to help their husbands in such cases.

“ First, as a wife understand what you’re dealing with, both of you should see a doctor together.

“ Do not allege husbands that are not getting their sex games of being involved in escapades with a mistress.

“Wives must help out by making extra effort not only to be sexy but to be the gentle aggressor in this time of need.

“ Be sensitive and talk about it with your partner.

“ if you do nothing that will surely become the death of sex in your relationship,” he added.

Charly boy concluded by saying that seeking help will be more than worth it in order for a married couple to have a sexual relationship and have better control of the mood swings and other symptoms.

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