Chadwick Boseman: 5 Reasons The Black Panther Star Can Never Be Forgotten

It is not a news that when people die, they only linger in the hearts of their loved ones once in a while but we are certain Chadwick Boseman is not one of those people.

The Black Panther actor had given up the battle for life and breathed his last in the early hours of today in his home after 4 years of fighting colon cancer.

As the millions of users took over the social media space to pay tribute to him, some certain things keep crossing the mind and faces about the legendary Black Panther actor and for these, we can be certain he can not be forgotten.

Here are five of them.

1. Bringing happiness even in trying times: Chadwick Boseman was said to be diagnosed of colon caner in 2016 and despite that, he was everywhere in the face of Hollywood, dishing out movies and great act and connecting with the hearts of his fans. As at that time, he gave Civil War, Black Panther, Marshall, Infinity War, Endgame, 21 Bridges & Da 5 Bloods, all without people knowing what he was going through. If that isn’t legendary, then what is it? He pulled off all of these fantastic movies and great act while secretly undergoing the pain excruciating and money swallowing chemotherapy.

2. Impact during trial: During his battle for life also, 
Chadwick Boseman was said to have taken it upon himself to go to children’s hospitals visiting and seeing kids who were in the same position as himself – battling Colon cancer. Many of the children and their parents might not have known he was having his battle too and now that they do, thinking back at the times and moments he spent with them will linger in their hearts forever.

3. Black Panther itself: if there is any movie people from across the globe connected with an loved so much, it is Black Panther. The film made over 1.344 billion over garnered numerous awards and nominations with most nominations recognizing the film itself, acting, screenplay, art production, and soundtrack. Being the main character of the movie, the name and person Chadwick Boseman will forever ring a bell.

Chadwick Boseman

4. His Acting Prowess: Chadwick Boseman may be best known for playing the Marvel superhero Black Panther, but the actor portrayed many memorable roles, from Jackie Robinson in 42 to James Brown in Get On Up. He has portrayed several real-life historical figures and revolutionary characters who made both Hollywood and American history and at such, his acting prowess is one that cannot be forgotten.

5. Great Personality: as they dished out their tributes, many commended the personality of the 43-year-old whose last four years have though being trying but impacting and amazing. Spiderman actor Tom Holland, in his tribute, says he is even more of a hero off screen than on and he’s proud to have been able to call him a friend. Many others agree with him while some say both on screen and off, he is a great man.

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