CES 2022: Samsung New M8 Smart Monitor Gives Users MORE Controls

Samsung’s new M8 smart monitor gives its users more control features for smart home devices and streaming apps for gaming, which is set to unveil during the CES 2022 event.

Samsung New M8 Smart Monitor Gives Users MORE Controls

Samsung and the CES 2022

According to Engadget‘s news item, Samsung’s CES 2022 will feature two high-end monitors, the M8 and the G8. It should be noted, however, that these two serve two distinct markets.

Samsung Introduces the M8 Smart Monitor

With its extra features, Samsung’s 4K 32-inch Smart Monitor M8 becomes even smarter than its predecessors.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

According to The Verge, the new M8 smart monitor from the South Korean tech giant still has the same functionality that any existing smart TV has, such as the ability to stream numerous streaming apps. It can, however, be used as a monitor for a PC or a laptop.

However, the smart monitor M8 is growing its functions, providing its users greater control at home, as well as a new level gaming streaming experience.

Furthermore, The Verge said that Samsung’s latest smart monitor includes an adjustable webcam, which its prior siblings did not have.

It is worth noting that the raging COVID-19 epidemic is still causing working people to stay at home to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus. As a result of the constant video meetings, owning a camera has become vital nowadays.

The webcam on Samsung’s 11.4mm-thick smart monitor is movable and magnetic, allowing users to remove it away when not in use. And they could effortlessly attach it to the M8 while in a video meeting or a call.

Not to mention that the SlimFit camera supports some of the most popular video chat apps, such as Google Duo.

As previously stated, the new M8 monitor allows customers additional flexibility with the addition of the SmartThings hub, which manages a plethora of enabled smart devices.

Aside from that, the M8 seeks to improve its gaming experience with a new game streaming service that includes gamepad compatibility.

Samsung logo

Samsung Introduces the G8 Gaming Monitor

The Odyssey Neo G8, a new gaming display with a buttery smooth 240 Hz refresh rate, is also part of the Samsung CES 2022 range.

According to ArsTechnica, the gaming monitor has a 4K resolution for its 32-inch panel.

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