Celine Dion vows stage return, willing to crawl if necessary

Celine Dion vows stage return, willing to crawl if necessary

Renowned Canadian singer, Celine Dion has voiced her determination to conquer her struggle with Stiff Person Syndrome and make a comeback to the stage.

In a recent interview on the “Today Show with Hoda Kotb,” Celine Dion affirmed that nothing would deter her from returning to the stage once more.

She asserted that even if she had to crawl or rely solely on hand gestures, she was determined to do whatever it takes to bring her comeback to reality.

She said

“I’m going to go back on stage, even if I have to crawl. Even if I have to talk with my hands, I will. I will.”

The Queen of Power Ballads as she is fondly called also disclosed that she kept her illness hidden for 17 years before making it public.

She disclosed her secret struggle, which she endured while supporting her late husband René Angélil’s cancer battle and raising their children.

During the interview, the 56-year-old singer confessed to experiencing symptoms as far back as 2008, but didn’t take the time to understand her condition.

She revealed that as her husband fought for his life, she felt the weight of responsibility, raising their children while concealing her own declining health.

According to her, the burden of secrecy finally became too much, prompting her to openly share her diagnosis with the world.

She said

“We did not know what was going on [with me]. I did not take the time… I should have stopped, took the time to figure it out.

“And like it wasn’t enough, my husband as well is fighting for his own life.

“I had to raise my kids, I had to hide, I had to try to be a hero – while feeling my body leaving me, I was holding on to my own dreams.

“I was unaware of what was happening to my body, and I should have stopped and sought answers.

 “I had to be a hero, even as my body was failing me, I was clinging to my dreams, all while hiding my struggles from those who supported me throughout my career.”

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