Celebrity Stylist, Toyin Lawani Fires Back at Those Calling Her A Ritualist

Business mogul and celebrity fashion stylist Toyin Lawani has reacted to recent trending news where she called tagged a ritualist.Toyin Lawani

Her reaction is coming after an anonymous blog on Instagram called a ritualist, Toyin took to her page to quite a lengthy post addressing the story where she posted a mock video of the story.

Single mother of 2 agreed that just maybe she might a be a ritualist, just as much as she puts in the work, also noting that she’s from a wealthy family that her hard work, dedication and consistency got her this far.

She also made a little prayer at the end of her post saying, “God will not let us see any reason why they won’t talk about us Again o”.

Toyin Lawani wrote:

“Can you people let me do my 50thousand businesses in peace and stop tagging me on what doesn’t concern me or change my life , believe what ever you want to believe , I sha know that my hustle is not for children and if you can work like me plus be supper smart , you will get there , never doubt yourself, if you put in work you will get the result , buy my book #BEUNSTOPPABLE @thebusinessmogulsguide And read more on how to juggle many businesses and family , atimes it’s too good to be true for someone to be kind to others and give them a life worth living , nowadays if you help it’s for something self ,But never stop helping , God will keep opening doors no man can shut for you , what they don’t know is it’s all a lot of struggles day in day out wrapped up in strength to keep inspiring you.
Never stop working I’m not in your set of motivational speakers ,or I’m I in the group of people social media made , pls stop tagging me in rubbish stories , except you don’t know who my parents are , mobowonle ni, I’m from royalty my Grandma was a king and a business mogul ,commissioner and ministers where my grand dads and you don’t want to even know who mom was , they were part of Nigeria’s Success story , if you don’t know me or how hard I work day in day out without sleep , Pls just keep mute… no need to be jealous of what you say you don’t want to be , just leave me in peace to do my work or jazz . I adopted this kid with love , hate all you can it won’t change his destiny.
Go and work hard so you won’t have to wake up early to sleep on blogs to be commenting on another humans downfall ,forgetting the bloggers are also doing their own job 🤣 if you can’t work go and do your own jazz abi dem hold you not to do your own jazz 🤷‍♀️ let’s all pray that God will not let us see Any reason why they won’t talk about us Again o”
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