Celebrity Interview: Susan Peter

By Linda Orjekwe

Multiple awards winning actress, producer, and model, Susan Peters, is one woman whose style has been talked about in almost all red carpet events, as she often turns out looking stunning. This interview was first published in Allure Vanguard.

Susan Peters
Susan Peters

What’s fashion to you?
Fashion is anything you’re comfortable with in your skin.

How would you describe your style?
It depends on the weather;it can be edgy, and it can be glam. It can be subtle. It all depends on the weather and the occasion

So what fashion secret do you employ to look good on the red carpet?
Well, there are a lot of things you have to do. First , to look good, you need proper rest. You need to eat good food. Then before an event,   I apply honey on my face before my shower. After the shower, I moisturise then, I do my makeup, put on my dress, and I’m good to go.

What is your beauty secret?
Well, aside what I just mentioned, I take a lot of water. I am a fan of water therapy.

Can you tell us your beauty regimen?
I just shower, use my scrub and put on my moisturiser.

How would you describe your eating habit?
I don’t eat in big portions. I eat in bits, little bits from here and there, and that’s it.

How do you relax?
I watch a lot of comedy movies. A lot of series from  Zee world, Telemundo, (laughs) I’m a movie person. I do a bit of reading but not much, and I love to sleep a lot! (Laughs)

Do you exercise?
I play basket ball and a couple of other sports to keep fit.

What are you passionate about in life?
I’m passionate about attaining greater heights and be better than where I am present. I  always want to be among top achievers.

Where is your number one relaxation spot?
I’ll say Seychelles because of the beaches and its serene nature. In Africa, I’ll want to visit Zanzibar.

What’s your watchword in life?
I tell it as it is and I think everybody should do the same. That is my watchword in life.

What’s your life rule, beauty rule, and fashion rule?
For fashion, I make sure I always do my fittings before any event I am attending. I don’t just rush, pick a dress up and go. I have to try it on first to ensure everything is in its right place.
For my beauty routine, I make sure I do my water therapy always because it brings out the glow on the skin.
Finally, my life rule is ‘be blunt’. I am a strict and very blunt person. Just as I said earlier, I tell it as it is. Most people don’t like me because of that, but I don’t care; just be truthful. I advise everyone to be as truthful; as possible, it takes a lot of burden off of you. So no matter what, always be truthful.


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