Cardi B wins Lawsuit related to mixtape cover

Cardi B has some good news to start her weekend off on. She claims she has prevailed in a legal dispute over the cover art for one of her mixtapes that lasted for five years.

Cardi B left court beaming after a federal jury in Santa Ana, California, declared her innocent on all counts on Friday, despite the fact that she admits she wasn’t overly sure.

She praised both her and the plaintiff’s attorneys, claiming that both were outstanding legal teams.

As we previously said, Cardi was sued in 2017 over the cover image for her “Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1” mixtape, which depicts a man practicing oral sex on her with several tattoos on his back. Kevin Brophy alleged that his likeness and back tattoos were inappropriately exploited in the artwork.

The jury determined during a 4-day trial that Cardi’s album cover did not misappropriate Brophy’s likeness or present him in a misleading light.

He had asked Cardi for $5 million, but after the ruling, he is now left with nothing.

The 30-year-old tweets about her emotional win and sounds as though a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She expresses her gratitude and her desire to kiss God’s feet.

Cardi B claims she had intended to curse at Brophy if she had won, but now that she has, she claims she lacks the will to do it and is instead sending him her best wishes.

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