As the saying goes “be the captain of your own ship” which we interpret as “be the master of your own destiny”. From Butans Summer 18 range, The Black Star Line pays tribute to a shipping line of the same name started by Marcus Garvey in 1919 making it the first black owned shipping fleet in the world.

Marcus Garvey’s dream of creating an economically viable and united African continent independent of colonial rule are what make him a celebrated figure and talking point to this day.

For this range, we anchored our designs on the philosophy of captaining your own ship which is inspired by the bravery, innovation and persistence of Garvey and his legacy. We created a unique naval flag pattern using Kente design – a cloth and pattern weaved by ancient Ashanti kingdoms in Ghana and today is widely worn and celebrated all over the world.

The Black Star Line collection consists of a short sleeve t-shirt, two long sleeve t-shirts, a full zip windbreaker and shorts.

Consistent across the garments is the appearance of Pan African colours which pay tribute to the docking home of Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Line – Ghana.

Influence of Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey and his movement inspired and influenced politicians, business people and hip-hop culture. Remember when Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli were a group? What was the name of the group? Black Star.

Political influence can be seen in countries like England, Jamaica (his birth place) and Canada which all have monuments and days dedicated to Marcus Garvey.

In Ghana the black star was placed on the country’s flag when it became the first African nation to gain independence in 1957. Ghana’s football team is called the Black Stars and their national shipping line is aptly called the Black Star Line all in honour of Garvey.


Photographer – Young Stilo (@young_stilo)

Models – Simphiwe Mahlangu (@melanin_flavoured) & Benedict Nawaya (@benedict.nawaya)

MUA – Orli (@orli)

Stylist – Kai Mavuso (@__chosenreject)


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