Burna Boy was asked a ‘stupid question’ and he gave a ‘brilliant answer’.

A US pop culture website, Noisey had the opportunity to interview Burna Boy and all they could ask was that he should choose between Fela, Wizkid and Beenie Man.

Can you imagine that??? Fela, Wizkid and Beenie Man???? What an insult on Fela, may his gentle soul rest in peace. Well, this was Burna Boy’s reply:

‘What kind of stupid question is that? Do I really have to answer? It’s even disrespectful to answer. Never ask that type of question again to anybody. When you say Fela Kuti ehn, just talk about Fela. Don’t explain how water entered the coconut. Just leave it how it is. You understand?’


Sebastiane Ebatamehi

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