Burna Boy reveals inspiration behind his forthcoming seventh studio album, ‘I Told Them’”

Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, has revealed the motivation for his upcoming seventh studio album, ‘I Told Them.'”

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He claimed he took a journey down memory lane on his Twitter profile and he realized that he had previously tweeted about all he is achieving today, so, he decided to name the album, ‘I Told Them’.

Burna Boy said this in a recent interview with the American publication Complex.

He stated, “Them” in my album title refers to anyone who has ever refused to believe [in me] at any point in life.

“The way the name of this album came up is because one random day, I just went on my Twitter [page], and I started scrolling down to my old tweets. I wanted to see what the first tweet I ever tweeted was, for some strange reason.

“And then it just sent me down this rabbit hole, where I’m just looking at everything I ever said. I’m like, wow! It’s crazy. I really did say all these sh*ts that is happening now. And that kind of made me to name my album, ‘I Told Them’.

The album would be released on Friday, August 25, 2023.

The singer said the project will have a sequel that would be released later.

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