Bukola Awoyemi Arugba Biography, Movies, Age, Husband, Networth, Twins, Mother, Instagram & Facts

Birth Name: Awoyemi Bukola Grace  Stage Name: Bukola Aruba
Born: December 19, 1988 (age 32)
Home State: Kwara State
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Actress • Joint
Filmmaker: Damola Olatunji


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Bukola Awoyemi is a Nigerian actress, known as Arugba (2010). She is one of the beautiful faces of the Yoruba film industry, who has an amazing appearance and a good personality. Before that, she appeared in films such as Poisonous Affairs and Arugba produced by Tunde Kelani. Most notably, his big break came after his lead role in Aruba. Since then, she has been affectionately called Arugba by her fans. When she started her acting career, she lost some roles because she refused to sleep with certain producers.


Bukola says she always wanted to be an actress and decided to pursue an acting career even before entering college to study performing arts. Interestingly, the performing arts were not Bukola’s main program of study in college. Bukola’s journey into acting wasn’t always optimistic. She repeats that she has lost some roles in the past due to her refusal to sleep with some producers.

According to her, there was a certain movie in which she was already closing the deal, but everything ended abruptly. This is your storytelling. In addition to the frustrations caused by overtures from enthusiastic producers, Bukola faced several disappointments every time she went to the National Theater to audition, as she was still considered unsuitable for the roles available. In addition to her big breakup with Arugba, Bukola has appeared in several other


Aruba, Poisonous Affairs, Dazzling Mirage, My Secret, Ona Mi, Belladonna, Adabi Ninolowo, Bolanle, Ibrahim, Chatta Owo, Ori Igba nba Jo.


She has an approximate net worth of $10 million in 2019

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