The bucket hat dates back to the 20th century turn as a work gear for farmers and fishermen; it’s downward sloppy brim were meant to provide protection from rain and sun and it’s light weight absolutely makes it a convenient wear.

These bowl shaped hats designed for comfort, style and long term wear came through street style around 1980 through the hip ho community. Apparently, bucket hats seem to expel quite a lot of opinions, some say this trend is cycling back again, others argue that it just never really went out, I would say a little bit of both.


And in the past few years, bucket hats have made their way to the heads of people in the street sense more frequently, causing a trend to this day. It has over time gotten more stylish and playful and can be fitfully rocked by both male and female.

It stands as a perfect incite of that time hip hop fashion.

In an interview with German born black American rapper -Schoolboy Q- who is a member of the hip hop super group ‘Black Hippy’ along side Kendrick Lamar and others, he says ‘I was walking through the mall, I saw a bucket hat, I put it on, looked in the mirror, and told my homie ‘This is hard’. I wore it for a hole week, never took it off, i kept buying bucket hats. Next thing I knew, I didn’t look right without one.

This hit hard!


Bucket hat comes with its own street vibes as it has been influence by iconic stars in entertainment. In rapper LL Cool J’s words ‘I loved the way I looked in it, and the way it framed my face. It felt like Superman’s cape’ Ha!


The bucket hat in it’s versatility in range of colors, to texture and prints gives the wearer room to create their own original individual statement; it ultimately expels a ‘standing out’ look.


The Nigerian singer, songwriter Burna Boy crowned by Vogue in 2019 as the ‘most stylish Nigerian artist’ has been severally spotted rocking the trending bucket hats.


The informal bucket hat also grades into leisure and sports activities outfits.

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