Bolanle Ninalowo Moved On So Fast! Why?

That was so quick of Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo. He and his enstranged wife, Bunmi separated in September. Read also: Bolanle Ninalowo flaunts new relationship with Damilola Adegbite, months after divorcing his wife

Bolanle Ninalowo
Bolanle Ninalowo

Few weeks after he has found love in the arms of Damilola Adegbite, his colleague. The first hint was to share her picture and asked people to tag her.

Damilola Adegbite
Damilola Adegbite

The second is a confirmation which he shared today, captured in an Instagram video with both of them holding hands and walking side by side in a restaurant.

Guess what! ‘love don’t cost a thing’, those were the words of Ninalowo. Read also: Bolanle Ninalowo clarifies situation around his divorce – I was never involved in infidelity or domestic violence (video)

Flaunting another relationship few weeks after his 18 years old marriage failed tells it all. Was he and Damilola dating during the subsistence of the former’ marriage?

Since their separation both Bunmi and Ninalowo are yet to give their fans their own sides of the story.

Ninalowo moving on so quickly brings us to the question whether Damilola was already on the queue before he and his ex-wife broke up.

Hmmm! In a previous interview years back Bolanle revealed that his marriage with Bunmi had problems at the early stage due to his incessant cheating.

Everyone thought he is a changed man or probably his fans assumed. Well he gave social media users the biggest shock when his 18 years old marriage crashed.

I’m not in their marriage or story to predict but if Bunmi and Ninalowo’ marriage actually ended because of infidelity on the latter’s part, it means there are many women on the queue. Damilola might just be the next available person.

Also in a recent interview Ninalowo revealed that he made Bunmi a star by flaunting her on his social media pages. He also noted that when he finds another lover he will flaunt her. No wonder he has been flaunting Damilola for sometime now.

Another way to their story is that Ninalowo and Bunmi could have fallen apart and fallen out of love without any form of infidelity during the subsistence of their marriage.

Whichever way I wish Damilola and Ninalowo bliss in their relationship.

Watch video below,

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