Bobrisky reveals why he was deported from Dubai

Bobrisky blasts ladies asking him out

Controversial crossdresser, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju popularly known as Bobrisky, has opened up on why he was deported from Dubai.

He stated that he was deported due to his unmatching resemblance in his passport.

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Speaking on Toke Makinwa’s podcast, Bobrisky claimed that the authorities at Immigration had doubted his identity because of the amount of makeup he had on when he arrived.

He asserted that upon his arrival at the Dubai airport, he was deported back to Nigeria since the country’s Islamic laws forbid cross-dressing.

He had visited the United Arab Emirates on numerous occasions, but on that particular day, which was a Jum’ah day, he was deported.

He said;

“The last time I went to Dubai, I was sent back to Nigeria. I have been to there so many times. But that one was their prayer, I think one of their special days. It happened to be on Friday, they go to the mosque. They are holy so extra on that day. When I got there, the camera did not accept my face. You know me na, I was on makeup, I want to brag first class, I want to talk ‘oh! guys, I’ve been to Dubai. Your mummy is in first class’.

“So, I got to the Immigration where you are going to do everything. They saw my passport, they looked at my face. They said ‘face camera’. And I faced the camera. It rejected my face several times. They [Immigration officers] said ‘are you sure you’re the same person?’ And I said ‘yes’.

The man looked at me, he said ‘Idris, you are a Muslim?’. I said ‘yes’. He looked at my passport. He was confused.

“So, we went to one of their private offices. And they said ‘are you trans or..’ I said ‘ well, I used to be a guy’. And they said ‘oh! on a normal day if it is not Friday’ they would have just allowed me in. But because it was Friday, jumʿah day, they said ‘no, they can’t allow me in.”

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