Bobrisky And His Emergence: A Pivotal Cultural Change In Nigeria

Before the arrival of Western colonialism, Nigeria had consisted of over 450 linguistic or ethnic businesses, every of which changed into impartial of the alternative, having its very own mores, tradition, religion, politics and monetary activity. None of those businesses had something to do with the others. Culture way the totality of a people’s manner of existence, that is expressed of their history, language, art, philosophy, religion, politics, economics, music, meals and dressing. Culture includes knowledge, ideals, values, customs, preparations and abilties which might be to be had to contributors of a society. Culture is the summation of the manner of existence of a selected organization of people. It is the totality of a set conduct derived from the complete variety of human activity.

Culture modifications in time and situation and from age to age. Culture has focal dimensions. These are encul- turation and acculturation. Enculturation is the method through which someone is brought into the tradition of his birth. It is a method through which the values, norms, ideals and attitudes shared through contributors of one’s society are transmitted from one individual to any other and from one technology to any other. Acculturation, on the alternative hand, is the getting into touch of various cultures. It is the method through which cultural factors byskip over from one tradition to any other and which offers upward push to new cultural trends withinside the cultures that meet. The getting into touch of European cultural values with conventional African cultures for the duration of the colonial era, for example, had brought about the emergence of recent cultural conduct withinside the erstwhile colonial territories.

Nigerians' Growing Cultural Influence Around the World

Cultural change has now led to the emergence of BOBRISKY.

Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is a well-known cross-dresser (or transgender woman, as we will refer to her in this article). Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju was born in 1992 and is also known as ‘Bob Risky’ or ‘risky bobo.’ While there is no exclusive right for transgender persons in Nigeria, Bobrisky lives freely despite facing cyberbullying, discrimination, and persecution from authorities on several occasions.

Controversies have always surrounded her life, and as a result of the attention, she has become a well-known internet figure in recent years.

10 facts about Bobrisky

  1. Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is the full name of Bobrisky and she was born in 1992.
  2. Bob risky was born into a Muslim before converting to Christianity.
  3. She coined her moniker from her childhood nickname ‘Bobo’, and risky, a nod to how she continually challenges Nigerian conservative attitudes.
  4. She became popular after she was arrested for cross-dressing and remains popular for her online antics and brimstone personality.
  5. The internet celebrity and Tonto Dikeh have been very good friends and appear to be as close as even siblings.
  6. The popular transgender online personality is allegedly worth millions of dollars and owns a five-bedroom duplex in Lagos upper-class region, Lekki Peninsula.
  7. Bobrisky was the most searched individual in Nigeria on Google from October 26 to November 2016.
  8. She once posted about being gay but had quickly deleted the post after some time.
  9. She underwent surgery in 2019 to add feminine features to her body but it is unclear if this involved changing her sexes, because if so, she would have to be referred to as transexual.
  10. Bobrisky’s Snapchat premium account has over 2 million subscribers as of February 2020.

Bobrisky Biography: Early life

Bobrisky was born on August 31, 1992, as Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju to Yoruba parents from Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. While her late parents’ names have been kept, Bobrisky photos had previously showed them during a Muslim Sallah festival in Ogun state.

In October 2019, she traveled to her hometown of Ijebu-Ode to celebrate Eid-el-Kabir and shared images of Bobrisky’s parents on Instagram.

Bob had grown up and attended school in Lagos State, one of Nigeria’s largest cities. She is a graduate of King’s College, Lagos, a prominent and well-known secondary school that was founded on September 20, 1909 and admits only male pupils.


She attended the University of Lagos after finishing her first Secondary School Certificate Examination. The Institution of Lagos, abbreviated Unilag, is a public research university located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was established in 1962 as one of Nigeria’s first-generation institutions. After being admitted to Unilag in 2001, she studied accounting.

Bobrisky became a Christian while attending university for a variety of reasons. She claimed that the Muslim tradition of praying five times a day was exhausting for her. The second reason was that his Christian roommate impacted her.

It is worth noting that Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, Bobrisky began to be identified as a male.

Bobrisky, on the other hand, began to come out gradually to Nigeria’s conservative community at a time when effeminacy was widely frowned upon. Even now, it is not widely accepted, although attitudes are changing as information expands.

Bobrisky biography: Crossdressing

As described in the previous paragraph, Bobrisky began to exhibit effeminacy gradually. Effeminacy is the manifestation in a boy or man of traits that are more commonly associated with the feminine nature. Feminine behavior, mannerism, style, or gender roles are examples of this.

She said that her mother tried to suppress her feminine behaviors even as a child, prior to her coming out as transgender. According to one internet blog, Buzz Nigeria, her mother once paid goons to beat her up.

Bobrisky’s progressive physical makeover, according to the site, began during her undergraduate days. Bob bleached her skin while still identifying as a guy. However, she did not stop there.

Bobrisky before and after

Many people have questioned what the popular transgender internet personality looked like before and after she bleached her skin. It is, of course, not news that the transgender Nigerian social media celebrity was formerly dark-skinned.

She had, however, used skin lightening cream and chemicals to lighten her black complexion to a fairer tone, which she clearly preferred. As a result, it’s reasonable for someone who is curious to want to know what the online superstar used to look like. Fortunately, there are a lot of Bobrisky photos floating around, some of which she has shared. See one below, as well as another that reveals her current appearance.

Is Bobrisky male or female?

If there is one thing that has always perplexed people about Bobrisky, it is whether she is a man or a woman. This is because Nigerian conservative society does not allow transgender persons to come out openly.

However, the burden is not totally on society’s shoulders, as Bobriky has already stated. As previously stated, the online phenomenon, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, was born a guy.

When Bobbrisky first gained popularity as a result of her cross-dressing activities, she was heavily chastised for it. Even still, she was still recognizing a guy.

She only recently identified as a woman, thus it is only natural to refer to her as what she wishes to identify as — a woman.

The first time this happened was when the star went on a viral rage about admirers calling her “bro.”


Bobrisky plastic surgery in 2019

She’d worked hard to change her appearance and become the person she wants to be known as. We’ve covered her entire journey, from being a crossdresser to bleaching her skin.

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, on the other hand, got various procedures in Dubai in 2019 to enhance feminine portions to her body. However, it is critical to clear the air about transgender and transsexual people.

Bobrisky Biography: Early life, transgender, discriminations, controversies, net worth & more

According to a Merriam-webster definition:

“A transgender person is someone whose gender identity differs from the sex they had or were identified as having at birth.”

As a result, Bob did not require any surgery to become transgender. Bobrisky has become a woman solely by identifying as a woman, and surgery to replace her sexual organs will merely make her transsexual.

Another significant component of the surgery was that it proved to be more painful than anticipated. The social media star took to Instagram to disclose the horrific details of her post-recovery steps. She also claimed swelling and bleeding.

Bobrisky ‘Full sex change’ in 2021

The popular transgender online celebrity declared in December 2020 that she will have a “complete sex transition” in 2021. The popular transgender posted on Instagram:

“2021, I’m going for a full sex change. Columbia get ready.”

She claimed to have saved more than $300,000 for the procedure, referencing a specific Dr Philip. Bob risky disclosed in a subsequent post that she wanted to become a woman after noticing that she fit in better as a female than a male.

Bobrisky Biography: Early life, transgender, discriminations, controversies, net worth & more

Additionally, it was easier to make money. “I was formally a man for almost 25yrs, nothing to show for it. I kept struggling even with my certificate as a graduate of accounting in University of Lagos, nothing to still show for it. I saw how all my females friends were cashing out back then,” she wrote.

Then she added, “So I gave my body more time, rubbing expensive creams, smelling good, using more of females body pills and looking out for myself. Boom more money keep coming… men admiring me, women giving me endorsements from right and left.”

Many people have questioned why Bobrisky chose to leave Nigeria for her surgery, even when comparing Columbia currency to Naira.

Is Bobrisky gay?

She had posted about being gay in 2017, but had quickly removed the Instagram post. Many people believe Bobrisky is gay since she has always claimed a partner she refers to as ‘bae,’ who she claims is Africa’s fourth richest man.

Bob also claims that he is the source of the most of her luxury properties. Car presents, as well as designer clothing and accessories, are examples of this.

So the suggestion is that Bobrisky is gay, but there is no confirmation, or at least none that the transgender woman is aware of. For all we know, he could be straight or bisexual.

In Conclusion …

Because the Bobrisky has described herself as a woman, we are utilizing her preferred pronouns. While Bobrisky has been provocative and unrestrained in many of her social media interactions, she stands out as one of the most visible members of Nigeria’s beleaguered LGBT community.

The Nigerian authorities, as well as many of people in positions of authority, discriminate against her. Bobrisky’s lone line of defense is her computer screen and keyboard.

Cultural change has brought enormous benefits to some parts of the world – greater unity and cooperation among nations, mutual exchange of cultures and social values, increased human relations, and better appreciation and understanding of peoples – but it has brought more negative values and caused more harm than good in Nigeria. Cultural development has resulted in the leveling of valleys, the removal of hills and communication barriers, and the construction of bridges of understanding across nations, races, cultures, and organizations.

The net beneficial impacts are improved education, increased human understanding, and breakthroughs in scientific and technological advancements, while the negative effects are as described above.

However, not all countries in the globe gain equally from cultural transformation. While the industrialized countries of Europe and America are better placed, and have fact reaped the majority of the benefits. Developing countries such as Nigeria are only left to struggle as they attempt to emulate the Western world. In some cases, these countries had fared considerably worse, becoming destitute, with the majority of their value systems and institutions essentially obliterated.

Nigeria may get out of this quagmire by implementing suitable methods not just to minimize the threatening influence of globalization, but also to realize the full benefits of the process.

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