Blessing Okoro reacts to speculation about her alleged romantic affair with popular car dealer IVD

Blessing Okoro has spoken out about her alleged romantic relationship with popular car dealer IVD, who lost his wife, Bimbo, in an alleged domestic dispute, glamsquad reports.


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Remember how the self-proclaimed relationship expert made headlines yesterday when she took to Instagram to praise an unnamed man who had her name tattooed on his hand? When a follower pointed out that it might be IVD, she wrote “never say never”.


Blessing Okoro, however, stated in a live session with media personality Daddy Freeze last night that people can meet people they eventually fall in love with at their place of work.


The self-proclaimed relationship expert, who did not confirm or deny her alleged affair with IVD, added that she owes no explanation to the public because it is her private life.


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She also claimed that many people are running with the narratives online without even hearing IVD’s side of the alleged domestic abuse story.

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