Blessing CEO Defends Men Engaging In Extramarital Affairs

Blessing CEO/News Wire NG
Blessing CEO/News Wire NG

Media personality Blessing CEO has defended the decision of married men engaging in extramarital affairs to bear children with their mistresses and hide it from their wives.

During an interview on Arise TV, Blessing CEO spoke on the topic “Husband Snatching: Reality or Myth.’’

She defined a mistress to men as “simply means I am in love with you but I have a wife. I can’t marry you. Some men will now be like let’s bond, let’s have a child together. If I can’t give you marriage, let there be something that ties us together.”

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When quizzed about the mental impact of a mistress bearing a child for a married man on the child, she answered:

 “There are lots of things that can affect our mental health but unfortunately, I am a realist. I like saying what happened not what supposed to be. There are some certain things that are supposed to be but it is not so let’s face the reality and be able to deal with it.”

Continuing, she advised “ If you are a side chic and you have a child and the man says ‘I don’t want to bring this home, respect him. He is doing what he is supposed to do as a father. He did not fail. The difference is ‘I don’t want drama, I don’t want chaos” because if you come in now there will be chaos, there will not be peace. Let me buy you a house, make you comfortable, make the child comfortable so he is my child I know.”

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