Biography Of Osmond Gbadebo: Career, Age, Wife, State of Origin, Sickness, Children & Net Worth

Osmond Gbadebo, the CEO of Osmond Communications, was a well-known Nigerian film director, producer, and production manager. He has appeared in a large number of films in his Nollywood career, with a focus on Yoruba cinema. He sadly died on May 30, 2022.


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Early Life and Career

Osmond Gbadebo was born in Nigeria’s South West region. He is from the Yoruba tribe.

Osmond Gbadebo has appeared in a wide range of Nollywood films, with a focus on Yoruba cinema.


Gbadebo Osmond was an actor, writer, and producer who worked as a location manager, production manager, and actor.

People failed to observed his fame until 2018, when he decided to play the lead role in the English “Ede Oyinbo film”, as his areas of expertise are hidden from view.

Osmond Gbadebo Net Worth

Osmond Gbadebo was a Nigerian actor who died on May 30, 2022. His net worth was not calculated prior to his death.


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Illness and Death

Yemi Solade, who also expressed sadness over Osmond’s death, stated that the Nollywood actor had been battling a serious illness for years but had succumbed.

Osmond Gbadebo’s cause of death has not been determined, but in a video shared by Laide Bakare, the deceased appeared fragile and emaciated, as if he was suffering from a specific illness prior to his death.

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