Biography Of Chinedu Bernard: Age, Career, Networth & Cause Of Death

Chinedu Bernard was one of the most versatile actresses during her life time. Aside acting, she also worked as photographer.

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Bio Data

Chinedu Bernard was born in Enugu State. Although the exact year of her date of birth was not provided but findings shows that she was in her 20s before death snatched her away.

She usually celebrate her birthday every 26th of May.

She has appeared in many award winning movies before her death. Some of the movies includes; Who Runs The City, Just A Wish, Love Without Conscience, My Sister’s Man, The Regret, just to mention a few.

As regards her relationship status, findings shows that she is in a relationship but not married.


As at the time of gathering this report, her exact networth still remain sketchy but it was discovered that she boast of huge investments in other sectors.

Cause Of Death

The internet was set on fire after the sudden announcement of her death. Information gathered shows that she slumped at Chapel of St. Leo, around Federal Housing Estate in Enugu State, while performing cleaning exercise.

Check some of her photos below as captured by glamsquad;