Billionaire And Property Merchant, Olu Okeowo Celebrates Birthday

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LAST Tuesday, the billionaire and property merchant, Sir Olu Okeowo, marked his birthday with a lot of frenzy. It was another gathering of the crème of the society at his eye-popping mansion, otherwise called “Palacio de Okeowo, located inside Park-View Estate, Ikoyi Lagos.

He loves to engage in the celebrations of life, especially his birthday, when he counts his blessings and thanks the Almighty God for His mercies and grace in his life. Okeowo, spared no cost in making his guests most welcome. Some of the world’s most expensive champagnes like Pol Roger, Veuve Clicquot, Ace of Spade, Dom Perignon and exotic wines flowed like water during the event.

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The businessman also a philanthropist par excellence is one of the successful businessmen living their lives to the hilt. Wealthy and influential, he has always dazzled his competitors and delighted his admirers. He is known for a number of imposing properties scattered all over the country.

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