Beyond Fashion Week: The Best of Parisian Style

Beyond the boundaries of Fashion Week, Parisian style is recognized for its timelessness, sophistication, and elegance. Parisians effortlessly combine vintage pieces with modern trends to create a distinctive and fashionable look, exuding an effortless “je ne sais quoi.”

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The key to their impeccable style lies in the attention to detail, from meticulously tailored clothing to impeccably chosen accessories. Parisian women are known for their minimalist color palette, favoring neutrals such as black, white, navy, and camel, which contribute to a sense of refined simplicity.

Additionally, the French embrace quality over quantity, investing in well-crafted staples that will withstand the test of time. Effortlessly mixing high-end designer pieces with thrift store finds or vintage treasures creates an element of unpredictability that adds character and allure to Parisian fashion.

Ultimately, Parisian style is emblematic of understated confidence and effortless charm that transcends seasonal trends and remains eternally chic. During this fashion week, photographer and Paris resident Clémence Polès took to the streets to capture the city’s stylish denizens, far away from the shows.

See looks below;

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