‘Beyoncé stepped out of her comfort zone to collaborate with me’ – Sean Paul

Sean Paul, a Jamaican dancehall performer, has revealed how his duet with American pop superstar Beyoncé came about.

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Beyoncé collaborated with Sean Paul on ‘Baby Boy’ from her 2003 album ‘Dangerous Love’.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul said Beyoncé stepped outside of her comfort zone to work with him on the dancehall single.

He claimed the song cleared the path for dancehall’s global acceptability and made history for both him and Beyoncé.

“I was [working] with Busta Rhymes, I was doing stuff with Clipse and I was doing stuff with Blu Cantrell — and all of those stuff was very dope but they were more hip-hop oriented, and this was such a big artist and she [Beyoncé] was stepping out on her own [genre],” he recalled.

“So it really made me feel that dancehall-style was coming into its own and that my music or genre was being accepted by many people. Coming from Texas, I know she’s heard a lot of dancehall growing up and [was] familiar with that whole vibe, so it made sense to me and it made history for both of us.”

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