BEWARE: Delete These Two Google Play Store Malware-Ridden Apps If You Have Them

Two Google Play Store apps have been discovered to contain Joker virus, and it is strongly advised that you destroy them immediately if you have them.

Google has disabled two apps, Smart TV Remote and Halloween Coloring, after they were discovered to contain malware. The apps and their creators have been removed from the Google Play Store.

The Joker malware is renowned for inadvertently enrolling users up for mobile services and stealing from bank accounts without being discovered. The malware has been known to target Android users in particular.

This year, the Joker malware grabbed several headlines. One of the reasons for this is that it affected half a million Huawei devices in April. Recently, malware was identified in a “Squid Game” software.

New Google Android Malware Warning Issued To 8 Million Play Store Users

Google Play Removes Two Malware-Infected Apps

The Google Play Store has removed two apps that were found to contain the Joker malware. Smart TV Remote and Halloween Coloring are two of these apps. Since its release last month, the Smart TV Remote app has been downloaded over 1,000 times.

According to Bleeping Computer, Kaspersky’s Android Malware Analyst Tatyana Shishkova discovered malware in these two Google Play Store apps.

According to a Google spokesman, the developers of the apps have been barred from the Google Play Store.

Users who have already downloaded the Smart TV Remote and Halloween Coloring applications should uninstall them right away. Users should also check to see if the malware has made any unwanted subscriptions.

What exactly is the Joker Malware?

What is the Joker malware, exactly? The Joker malware, according to Bleeping Computer, “is known to subscribe customers to premium mobile services without their agreement or knowledge.”

“The threat actors behind the Joker virus conceal dangerous code in seemingly benign apps and distribute them through official app stores,” the research continues.

According to an Entrepreneur article, the Joker software also drains victims’ bank accounts without their knowledge.

The Joker malware made headlines earlier this year after it was discovered to have infected 500,000 Huawei smartphones in April. According to an earlier Tech Times article, the Huawei devices became infected after downloading virus-infested Android apps.

Other Instances of Joker Malware on Android Apps

Android apps appear to be a favorite of the Joker malware, since the two apps recently deleted from the Google Play Store are not the first to be found to include the Joker malware.

In June, the Joker malware was identified in eight Google Play Store apps. Another 11 apps with malware were detected last year, including com.file.recovefiles, com.file.recovefiles, and com.relax.relaxation.androidsms.

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