Best Street Style Moments This Week Vol 18

Best Street Style Moments This Week Vol 18

Another week is here and in this collection, we will be taking a look at some of the best street style moments this week Vol 18. Fashion lovers are getting more and more creative with their combinations and serving different fashion goals. Apart from color blocking being a highlight, creative outfit layering and styling have also taken over the streets.

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Best Street Style Moments This Week Vol 18

Fashionistas are nowadays creative with the way they pair their outfits. The use of statement accessories, tummy belt, platform, and chunky heels are some of the highlights of the street style moments this week. Street outfits feature an unconventional way of styling and we have many creative ideas to munch on this week.

Best Street Style Moments This Week Vol 18

Fashion nowadays is not only about appearance but a way of life and an opportunity to build one’s reputation. The way one is dressed is often the way one is addressed. Wearing creative combinations also in most cases creates a positive feeling and also helps to boost confidence.

To create a street style look, go out of the conventional outfit combination and make use of your creative idea. Blazers can be paired with a slip dress and accompanied by statement earrings and chunky heels. Layer two or three outfits depending on the weather or highlight an outfit with creative colors or sleeve design. Below are some street-style moments this week:

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