Best Moisturizer To Try For Your Skin This Year

The last thing you want is starting this year with a bad skin, something that you would be ashamed of.

Well you have nothing to worry about! Here are some skin moisturizers you could give a go this year;

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Oily skin – Water-based moisturiser like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel.

Sensitive skin – Natural products like aloe vera based moisturisers.

Dry skin – An oil-based moisturiser with ingredients like shea butter.

Mature skin – Will also benefit from an oil-based moisturiser.

Normal skin – A good water-based moisturiser is befitting.

However it doesn’t stops there, if you want to go for something more natural then you should try applying these;

1. Avocado

2. Butter

3. Honey.

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