Best Looks From The VMAs 2016

A lot has been said with different opinions about who wore what to the VMAs and who slayed the most.

The VMAs is usually and award for the unexpected, there’s usually some drama that gets to troll the media, this year it was Drakes love for Rihanna  being clarified by him while he was delivering he’s speech before presenting the Michael Jackson vanguard award to her, Beyonce’s  feathered Francesco Scognamiglio couture dress which I have named the Flamingo dress , I honestly can’t believe anyone thinks that outfit is to be applauded cause to me , that outfit was a No especially the weirdly placed feathers.  If it was the premier of wizard of Oz, maybe I would have been cool with her dress.

The night also saw evening waist-trainers, maternity body harnesses. Rita ora’s look I’m confused, was there a garage party we didn’t know about, even if you want to pull the 80’s got style at least let it fit. My darling Alicia Key’s WHY WHY WHY…. I understand the no make-up idea, I love it, in-short I’m a full class member because it’s very liberating to have no make-up on. But if you are going to look pale, then it’s a big No, not even with that ill-fitting floral dress if I was the designer, I would be very crossed, but hey, it’s the VMAs anything can happen.

But we have to give it to the all-time fashion queen Rihanna in that pale gold Alexandre Vauthier couture dress she wore on stage was power ,needless what anyone has to say, just as her music has evolved , so has her fashion. Even provocateurs like Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears opted for gowns that could have passed muster at the Golden Globes. And I also loved Blue Ivy’s look.

It’s okay not to agree but below is some of my best looks from Sunday night’s VAMs.

Photo Credit: Instagram.

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