Best Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

Here are the greatest critical Windows keyboard shortcuts to help you get through your day.

Windows keyboard shortcuts are vital for making desktop computer navigation faster and easier than ever.

Best Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

Shortcuts for the Windows Keyboard

However, the majority of them are hidden from its users, and some are difficult to remember right away.

That being said, this tutorial is intended to assist you in discovering the finest necessary keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

According to the PopSci article, keyboard shortcuts are unquestionably more convenient than using the mouse or touchpad to explore the abundance of choices.

According to Windows Central, it also saves you time by eliminating many unnecessary clicks.

Although using keyboard shortcuts is only slightly faster than using a mouse, the small amount of time saved adds up over time, allowing Windows users to save a significant amount of time.

It’s worth noting that the rampant COVID-19 pandemic has compelled some of us to work from home.

Having said that, using some of the essential Windows shortcuts could ultimately make your work more efficient.

Some people may find the multiple keyboard shortcuts confusing at first, but don’t worry; practicing it often will help you keep it with time.

To get to the chase, here are some of the greatest keyboard shortcuts for navigating your Windows machine.

Important Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Close the window

Yes, shutting a window is hardly the most time-consuming task on a computer. Users, on the other hand, do it repeatedly when navigating their PCs. As a result, having a shortcut for it would be really beneficial.

To shut a window with your keyboard, use Ctrl and W simultaneously.

Close Apps

This shortcut is for you if you want to close all of the presently active apps at once to avoid having to seek for them and close them manually.

To shut off all of your active apps, simply press Alt and F4.

Change Apps

In the meantime, multitasking on computers has become the standard. However, it might become cluttered with many programs open, making it difficult to navigate alone with your mouse.

Fortunately, there is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to move between different apps with a single click. All you have to do is hit Alt and Tab at the same time.


Although the undo function is supported by the majority of apps, some fail to make the button accessible.

The universal undo keyboard shortcut, which works on any app, is the solution to the problem.

To revert to your previous action, press Ctrl and Z simultaneously.