Benefits of sugarcane juice to the body

Sugarcane juice is very essential to the body, as  glass of sugarcane juice everyday can keep urinary tract infection away.

Drinking sugarcane juice daily has its own health benefits as it’s has zero content of fat, cholesterol, fiber and protein.

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Extremely hot, humid weather can cause major health concerns like heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as worsen existing health disorders, so staying hydrated is essential.

Here are other benefits of sugarcane juice;

Diuretic in nature
Sugarcane has diuretic properties. This means it can help remove excess salt and water from your body, by improving your kidney function. Drinking sugarcane may also benefit people who struggle with urinary tract infections.

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Fights against cancer
There are studies that suggest flavones found in sugarcane juice may be effective in stopping the production and spread of cancerous cells. A study published in PLOS One, an open-source scientific journal in March 2021 highlighted the anti-cancer effect of Polyphenol-rich sugarcane extract (PRSE), a natural extract from sugar cane.

Improves digestion
As sugarcane juice is loaded with potassium, it helps improve digestion and balances the body’s pH levels. In addition, potassium acts as an antimicrobial agent protecting your stomach from infections.

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