Ben Affleck finally opens up on why he appeared miserable at the 2023 Grammys

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Hollywood actor and husband to Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck has revealed the reason why he looked miserable in the 2023 Grammy.

Ben Affleck believes his viral expression of disinterest at the 2023 Grammy Awards was caused by host Trevor Noah catching him off guard for a skit.

He also denies having a miserable night.

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“I saw [Noah approach] and I was like, ‘Oh, God,’” Ben Affleck told the Hollywood Reporter in a new feature published Thursday.

“They were framing us in this shot, but I didn’t know they were rolling.”

The moment the skit started, cameras caught Affleck talking to his wife Jennifer Lopez.

The “Gone Girl” actor, 50, said he was making light-hearted remarks to the singer of “Jenny From the Block,” 53, when he stated, “As soon they start rolling, I’m going to slide away from you and leave you sitting next to Trevor.”

“She goes, ‘You better not leave,’” Affleck adds. “That’s a husband-and-wife thing. I mean, some of it is, I’m like, ‘All right, who is this act?’”

Following Sam Smith’s controversial performance of “Unholy,” Noah, 39, pretended to be speaking with his mother on the phone in the comedy and said, “Mom, it wasn’t the actual devil. No, they were just dressed as the devil, Mom.”

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