Being An Actor Does Not Make Life Easy – Kunle Remi

Actor and winner of the seventh edition of Gulder Ultimate Search (2010), the comic actor Kunle Remi debunked the popular perception that life as an actor is all peaches, roses and sunflowers.

The actor revealed during his interview with Sunday Scoop, that, “Being an actor does not make life easy.Kunle Remi

The popular TikToker said during the interview, that, “I actually work very hard, almost round the clock. However, there are a few perks that come with being a public figure.”

Kunle Remi also stated that he was looking forward to working with popular actress, Genevieve Nnaji. He said, “In Nigeria, there are a few people I look forward to working with. I have, at different times, worked with some of the people I dreamt of working with. However, I do look forward to working with Genevieve, and I am confident that it would happen soon.”

Kunle Remi also noted that he started making Tiktok videos because he wanted to keep himself busy. He said, “I started doing TikTok videos because the world was at a standstill and I did not want to be idle. So far so good, being a ‘tiktoker’ has been an amazing experience.”

Commenting on the quality of Nollywood movies at the moment, Kunle Remi said, “The quality of Nollywood movies has generally become better. It is not where it used to be years ago. There is obvious growth and development all round.”

On the doors acting has opened for him, he said, “Many doors have been opened and are still opening. I have got to work with major brands. I have also met influential people. For example, one of my friends is a king. Indeed, it has been a blessing.”

Photo Credit: Getty