Beauty Influencer, Patricia Bright Shares Video on How to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

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In case you missed it, beauty influencer Patricia Bright shared her thoughts on some of the top looks from her haul from top retailers like ASOSZaraKAI Collective  and while adding hilarious commentary we all know her for.

The rise of influencer culture has transformed the ways in which we interact with, and gain insight into, the lives of those we admire.

As such, influencer followership can and does grow into the millions.

An influencer’s appeal is largely linked to the high level of transparency that they provide on their platforms; a degree of authenticity that was not usually seen by public figures before.

She wrote:

‘So it’s looking like some of us might, maybe be able to plan a little bit of summer fun! Buying outfits and looking put together makes me feel gooood and I know sometimes we just want a little bit of normal, I hope this can help …’

Watch Patricia’s video below:


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